Silent Night Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out!

Part three of this series accurately warns its potential viewers with the tagline: Better Watch Out! Yes, watching out for this movie is a good idea. Like if someone you know recommends viewing this movie, you should watch them get up off the floor after you punch them in face.

Honestly, the only thing I like about this movie is the story of how I came into possession of my original VHS copy. I picked it up at Mom and Pop shop in Meridian, Idaho that was closing down due to a Hollywood Video opening nearby. All VHS tapes were a buck – at least the ones I wanted. My payload was pretty awesome: The Dentist, Dentist 2 and Silent Night Deadly Nights part 3-5, and an oversized-box edition of Dark Night of the Scarecrow. I never got around saying thanks to the massive corporation (now in bankruptcy) which destroyed the dreams of small business owners allowing me to increase my personal VHS collection. So, thank you corporate scumbags! Thank you.

The plot is about a high of a concept as every dreamed up in a slasher film. Ricky (the original killer played by a different actor) has supposedly been in a coma for the last six years. Some mad scientist type has kept him alive the entire time. Why? It’s better to not ask questions like that. The scientist employs a cute, blind, clairvoyant girl whose goal is to enter into the dream world and make a connection with Ricky. Ludicrous enough for you? After some random dude makes some jokes at Ricky’s expense (while near Ricky’s hospital bed) the infamous Santa Claus Killer wakes up. Note: Making fun of coma patients causes them to wake up. What does Ricky do? Well, he naturally has a psychic connection to the blind girl and an insatiable blood thirst for her. But she just left with some friends to spend the weekend at Grandma’s cabin in the woods.

Did I mention that Ricky is wearing a plastic bowl on his head that allows for his exposed brain to get the limelight? It’s something the scientist dreamed up. And it’s of important to note in the annals of stupidly unbelievable things in horror movies.

The biggest problem with this movie, besides being boring, is the kills are nowhere near as enjoyable or creative as the first two films. Kills in a Slasher film are paramount. Not a lot else matters, or more accurately, a lot can be forgiven if the kills are awesome. All of them here are of lazy variety within nothing innovative. It’s not jumpy, scary, the dialogue is poop and the acting is only slighter better.

This is the kind of film that is hard to remember because NOTHING of interest takes place. Highly not recommended.

Rating: 2/10

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ (Asleep within minutes)

IMDB 1990

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