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Corey Haim plays Scrabble with a dog…and loses (but it should be known the dog used an abbreviation to win, which is totally cheating, right?).

Unlike some of the recent films I have seen this one does qualify as bad enough to be fun to watch. Maybe it’s because the lesser Corey stars or maybe because of killing machine that is in actuality a guy in a gorilla suit. But the more I think about it, I liked watching this movie solely based on the thought of a seeing a Scrabble playing Retriever.

The plot of this one is rather interesting. It is supposedly based on a Dean Koonz novel, but in fact changes almost everything important plot point. Fans of the book have mostly panned the film. The government has hired a company to create superior killing machines (genetically enhanced gorillas). But simply creating killer gorillas wasn’t good enough. They decided to psychically link the gorillas to dogs. The thought being the gorilla would follow the dog into enemy camps and kill anything near the dog. You see, people love dogs and will let them into camps and then BAM! crazy gorilla rips out the enemies eyes. Fool proof plan if there ever was one.

Well, the dog and it’s tracker get loose and the dog jumps into Corey’s truck. Corey and the dog fall in love, share stories and attempt to outrun the pychopathically linked gorilla and two government agents sent to retrieve the dog. Corey also has his mom tag along for good measure. The film turns into a race against the clock and includes a showdown with Haim doing his best MacGyver impression.

There is plenty of gore even if most of the kills (early on) are off camera. Mostly, though, this movie is a laugher. I can’t imagine anyone getting scared outside of very small children.

Recommended for fans that want to remember the good ole days back when Haim was in his cheesiest prime. As of this post, the movie is available to watch for free on Hulu (in the US).

Rating: 3/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ (Look for the Jason Priestly cameo)

IMDB 1988


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  • LR

    I can’t believe you called him the “lesser Corey.” He was always the star when the other Corey was playing second fiddle/evil/jealous/random friend. Pfft. Unless of course you’re talking about actual acting chops…in which case…you might be right. : )

    Great christmas movie wrap up…I must have watched Jack Frost five times over the holidays.

  • Micah

    Haha, I was wondering if I was gonna catch some flack for that. :) I have always liked Feldman more for whatever reason, maybe because of his role in Friday the 13th series.

    Thanks…Jack Frost is just amazing! :)