Night Owl (TV)

One Sentence Review: Jennifer Beals does her thing (looking good) while a mysterious voice attempts to kill the men of New York City, causing much sleep to be had by all watching.

If there ever was snoozefest, this is it. Maybe it was because I had gorged myself on food all day or maybe the movie is just that boring, but I had a hell of time trying to stay awake through this one. If it wasn’t for Jennifer Beals (who I have always had a crush on) or Flashdance fame I probably would have slept through the whole thing.

The plot is rather interesting, though. A mysterious voice known as the “Night Owl” begins transmitting over the radio in the Big Apple. The voice seemingly is causing men to kill themselves. A musician and his jazz band begin listening to the voice (as do most NY men) and falling into the trap. The only person that can save the men is Jennifer Beals (wife of one of the Jazz master).  A lot of time is put into the jazz music, which I assume (know nothing about it) would be cool for lovers of the music to listen to (several performances spliced in throughout the film).

As the mystery of the voice unfolds so does the sleepiness of the movie. It’s not interesting enough to capture attention as there are long periods of time when nothing interesting is happening. Jennifer Beals walking around looking interested in mythology does not qualify as something I (or anyone) should watch.

Skip this movie (it is available on Hulu if you dare).

Rating: 3/10

Snore Factor: ZZZZ (Sleepy)

IMDB 1993

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  • Allison

    I sense your tired of doing this blog.

  • Micah

    So true, but I only have about 65 days left – I’ll make it. I was traveling for a week and lost about 4 days due to delays and whatnot. I plan on going back this week and filling out the reviews I didn’t get to write much on.

  • Allison

    Hang in there- at least you’ve put effort into going back and tidying up your reviews and putting out new ones that are really good. I’ve actually sort of flirted with the idea of starting a horror movie blog of my own, not sure if im commited enough though.