After watching Frozen, 127 Hours, Devil and just about every other survival horror flick out there I felt an obligation to check out Buried. A screener arriving at my house last week didn’t hurt either. 2010 really was the year for single locale films. Honestly, I wasn’t excited for this one. After what he did to Blade III and the Amityville remake I try to pass on his horror genre related stuff. Can you blame me?

An American wakes up trapped inside a coffin, several feet underground, somewhere in the Iraq desert. With the very few items he has – including a cell phone – Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) must try to figure out how to escape lest he dies. So, yeah this is a one location film, in fact, it’s the smallest that I can think of. Cube and Saw were at least one room.

Reynolds, to his credit, hits his role dead-on. None of his silliness (Read: inappropriate comedy) makes it in here. His acting is quite enjoyable and it’s surprising that more people aren’t talking about his performance vs. James Franco’s in a similar role in the arm-stuck-under-a-rock movie. The two are at least in the same ballpark.

Pretty early on it becomes apparent that this movie has one purpose: To serve as some bullsh*t political propaganda piece. Ugh. I hate movies that so obviously try to shove a message down my throat. Well, come to think of it, I hate anything or anyone that attempts to shove anything down my throat. It completely took me out of the flick. Basically, I checked out and stopped caring.

The tension is there and the pacing is right on and the sheeple of the world will undoubtedly enjoy some of the suspense packed moments. The thought of being buried alive is not a pleasant one. And this flick focuses in on the bleak and desperate situation rather well. Though, it can get boring at times.

I found myself hoping the thing would just end. Either find him or don’t, but let’s be done with this. This feeling first occurred when Reynolds gets into a fight with a snake and somehow lights the coffin on fire. Way to force in a dramatic sequence there Mr. Writer. Reynold’s manages to pull off another 5-6 idiotic things as well, but no one said he was smart. His IQ hovers near early primate level throughout the entire film.

There is also a moment when he is talking to his employer that is just plain stupid. Yep, we get it. Corporations are bad and evil and lawyers suck. But once again, don’t force feed me your bullsh*t.

Final Verdict: I wanted the movie to end with everyone dying a horrible death from canceraids.

Rating: 4/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 2010


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