Humpty Dumpty 3D

January 27, 2011 12:28 pm 1 comment

About a year (and a half) ago rumors started circulating about this film and I’ll admit I got excited. Mostly because of the poster and the fact that I like fairy tales gone wrong. Fast forward to today, it looks like the movie is officially a go. David Ellis (The Final Destination, Snakes on a Plane) is set to direct. The effects team has signed on and there are some good looking production stills up at the official site. I’m not super excited about 3D, in fact, not a fan at all. But just for the sake of nursery rhyme horror I, for one, hopes this flick finally sees the light of day.

Humpty Dumpty is a horrifyingly original new take on an old familiar character! Two backwoods redneck brothers are confronted with a dangerous egg-shaped creature whose mother they torture and kill for fun. Half-human, half-alien, Humpty Dumpty exacts his bloody, murderous rage on the brothers in an unforgettable story of revenge.

Teaser Trailer:


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    Harvey Lowry of Drac Studios has come aboard to executive produce Humpty Dumpty 3D alongside the already named Mark Ordesky and Suzanne de Passe. …