The Entity

Another one of my all time favorites. The Entity is one of the scariest horror films of all time. And people agree with me, important people – like Martin Scorsese for example. It’s a poltergeist / supernatural film about a young mother of three who is brutally attacked and raped by a malevolent unseen force. And as I’ve said over and over throughout the course of the year, often it’s the things unseen that are the most frightening. This film is a perfect example of this method. Items are thrown around, the young woman is pinned down against her will and doors slam – but you never see a true manifestation of the being (outside of one brief scene that may or may not even be the real thing).

Barbara Hershey, in her finest performance, plays a young woman named Carla Moran. This film is based on a true story that took place in Los Angeles in the ’70s (Doris Bither was the victim – Google her for more info).  After being raped in her home and nearly killed while driving by the unseen force, Carla visits a local clinic to talk with a shrink. He is in the camp that this is all in her head. Manifestations of a crazy lady. He’s also a pompous ass, but a genuine pompous ass who does care about his subject. The attacks continue, more and more brutal and violent each time. So, she eventually enlists the help of a couple parapsychologists from the school in town to monitor the situation leading to an experiment to try and prove the existence of and rid poor Carla of the force. Things don’t go as planned.

The film’s score is pitch perfect adding so much dread and tension throughout. When the attacks are happening there is a distinct and aggressively mean guitar whipping things into a frenzy. We’re talking edge of you seat stuff. There’s also superb special effects that still hold well – really well. The scenes, of which there are several, of a paralyzed and absolutely terrified Mrs. Hershey nude, being squeezed and prodded are some of the creepiest in all of horror. Adding even more disgust to the situation involves a scene in which our young victim is asleep and dreaming while being violated – resulting in her climaxing against her will. You will feel uneasy and quite possibly very disturbed after experiencing this film. Some lights may need to stay on for a while. And I can only imagine the feeling is doubled for women viewers. What’s more scary than the thought of being raped by an invisible being that is essentially unstoppable.

As a side note, this movie contains what I consider one of the top ten memorable quotes in horror. Coming almost out of nowhere this is one of the most unexpected and harrowing (and a tiny bit funny in a perverse way) exchanges.

Cindy: Beautiful day outside, isn’t it? Nothing like good old southern California for lots of sunshine!

Carla: I was raped.

Final verdict: A must watch film for all that liked to be scared.


Rating: 9/10

Snore Factor: Z

IMDB 1981



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