The Evil Dead

Since this is the 365th film in as many days and the last one of the project, I feel like it would be a good time to tell the story of how I got into horror in the first place. Along time ago, in a scary time called the 1990’s, the following happened.

On the way up to my friend’s cabin in the woods my friend’s and I stopped at a Fred Meyer to grab supplies for the weekend. I decided to check out the movie section (Fred Meyers are kinda like Walmarts, but 1,000 times better) while I was waiting and in doing so noticed a VHS tape that looked kinda cool. The box advertised a bunch of friends going to a cabin in the woods and a quote by Stephen King that read, “The most ferociously original horror film…” I was sold. Plus, what could it hurt? For certain this film would be better than watching old National Geographic reruns (I get it, the watering hole dries up and hippos die, yawn) – the only videos at the cabin. It seemed like ten bucks worth spending. There are only a few things in life that I am certain were great choices on my part. Buying The Evil Dead on that fateful day is one of them.

The 6-7 of us reached the cabin and began drinking like any underage kids away from home for the weekend would – ino mucho excesso (Spanish for A LOT). After the drinking games died down and everyone was sufficiently hammered we turned on the little 19-inch television and popped in the flick – knowing literally nothing about it. There were some grumbles from the Nat Geo fans, but within a few minutes everyone was into the film. Questions and statements exploded from Peanut gallery. “Um, that bridge doesn’t look safe.” “HELLO! That bench was moving on its own!” “Are they morons?” “I think I had one too many tequila shots. Where’s the bathroom?”

People were getting into it as much as drunks who like to yell at stuff are able. Then the *fun* began in earnest. A young pretty lady manages to find herself in the middle of the forest (for no good reason that the drunks in the cabin could figure out) where she gets familiar with the local plant life. Real familiar. Then the “pencil in the ankle” scene occurred and it literally brought the house down. Shrieks, screams, gag noises, uncontrollable laughter, and pure undeniable joy filled the house (the joy mostly on my part). This was the greatest thing I had ever seen in my life. Was this movie made by God himself?

And that was only the beginning. The film kept crazier and crazier and more and more frightening. I had a raging horror hard on; one that even after many years of searching and trying to recreate has never been duplicated. It was like my first time. Wait. I am confusing this story with the first time I had sex? Nope, this experience was way less awkward.

Rating: 10 Kandarian Daggers

Snore Factor: Z

IMDB 1981


******************Ending the story there. Tonight I am celebrating the completion of the 365 project with a bunch of good friends. We are going to watch The Evil Dead up on my roof, projected onto a 5 foot wall, and enjoy some delicious adult beverages. I will write up a review of the party and post lots of pics and whatnot tomorrow or whenever I sober up.

Before I do that, though, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has ever read or supported this blog. I won’t be retiring from writing, far from it. You will still see regular updates on this blog (reviews, lists, etc). I am also starting a new horror web comic and have plans for some really interesting pieces on the horror genre. Seriously, THANK YOU. I really appreciate all your support from the bottom of my heart.



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  • Cwik

    The original “Evil Dead” is a supremely scary movie in the right environment. The pacing and camera work when Ash goes into the basement both times is excellent, and while the movie can get hammy or cheesy at times, considering its budget and the conditions Raimi and co had to work with the film is timeless. As an Eagle scout and avid camper, the woods scene still terrifies me. I love part 2 as well, but I like the genuine scary feel of part 1 better still. At least Ash’s unibrow goes away in part 2.