Still Screaming

I haven’t posted much of late on the blog and because of that I have felt like a two dollar whore (partly because I am one, but that’s beside the point). So, here is something new to read.

A week ago I was able to catch FEARnet’s one night only screening of “Still Screaming” in Hollywood. Director Ryan Turek and producer Anthony Masi were in attendance for a Q&A and got the crowd going by hurling Ghostface masks and Blu-rays at the audience (Note: Every Q&A should involve something being thrown at the audience).

The film starts off with a curious short involving two girls (one of which I happened to be sitting right next to and felt really awkward upon noticing this fact AFTER my friend and I made inappropriate comments about her acting abilities) getting ready to watch their very own Scream-a-thon. Imagine if a fan boy of the franchise tried to recreate the opening scene from the original “Scream” but with a budget that could barely cover a late night run to Jack-in-the-Box. It was painful and embarrassing to watch.

Thankfully, the short is over soon and the documentary begins in earnest. And it goes and goes and goes. “Still Screaming” is the most comprehensive look into Wes Craven’s famous franchise. There is no argument. Each film in the trilogy (no “Scre4m” talk – though there is potential that they will add it in later) is discussed in-depth by Mr. Craven and almost the entire cast and crew. Honestly, I thought it was too long (dropping the short or making it a special feature on the DVD would help considerably) and began to drift a little near the end. Then again, “Scream 3” is shit and we should all just forget it was made. Though I do have a new-found respect for Ehren Kruger, the main writer for part 3, after hearing about he went through. What would you do if Bob Weinstein told you to write a sequel to a beloved movie in a few weeks? You would write and it would suck. That’s what you would do.

The highlight of the documentary was David Arquette who appeared to be high as a kite and aloof as ever. He makes the kinda sense that only comes from years and years of partaking of certain illegal substances and it’s laugh out loud hilarious. He is out there, man. Way out there. The best story, however, came from Duane Martin (Played Joel the camera operator in “Scream 2”) relating how he persuaded Wes Craven to let his character leave the movie in a cab. The guy is a riot.

On the flip side there were some odd moments that seemed far out-of-place. Most of these belong to a collector of “Scream” merchandise. All of his parts were über nerdy (I thought he was going to jizz on himself with excitement for owning an original black cape with BUTTONS instead of Velcro! Can you imagine? Buttons?!?). Hell, I like the franchise and sure it would be cool to own some original props, but this guy. Good grief.

At the end of the day the documentary left me really wanting to watch the original trilogy; which means it is a success, at least in my book anyway. If you are a die-hard fan of the series you should consider “Still Screaming” a must own. Until next time…


Snore Factor: ZZ

Rating: 6.5/10

IMDB 2011


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