Web Comic Week 3

The latest comic panel is up over at THE GIRLY NERD. We actually have two more panels that will go up this week as well! It’s a web comicpalooza. A web cornucopia of comics. A virtual horn of plenty of comicness. I’ll stop there, but you get the idea.

Your mission: Check back all week at my co-creator’s site for more “Susan and Micah… in the Case of the Flailing Arms Demon.”

Need a refresher? Don’t even remember what is happening? First time ever visiting this page? Well, here you go:

Susan and Micah have upset their current living situations in order to get a place together in a nice neighborhood. Thinking that she could trust Micah with the task, Susan let him handle it only to discover the only thing Micah cares about are in unit washers and dryers. Enter a quirky landlady and an ancient Curse of Undying Annoyance, and you have…



PS… If you like comics and / or  brutal beatings with wrenches you should check out James Gunn’s “Super” because it’s just that. Super.

PPS… Art films are porn, right? You’re all with me on this one?

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  • Reanact

    Hello..coming by to visit for the first time.. i like movie blogs..keep me updated on the movies