10 Awesome Evil Dead Movie Posters

eBay is a rather magical place. I’ve compiled 10 “Evil Dead” posters from Sam Raimi’s trilogy of films that are currently available for sale. If you are like me, and you probably are if you are reading this, you happen to LOVE these movies. And if you are like me and collect movie posters you love the off-the-wall and alternates from other countries. Honestly, if I had the money I’d probably buy all of these and make a giant room full of nothing but “Evil Dead” posters. Man cave? Eff that. Evil Dead Cave is better.


 10. German DVD Cover (poster sized) – Army of Darkness

Bruce got pretty ripped for this poster. Like Arnold in the ’70s ripped. For some reason I get a “Donnie Darko” vibe from Evil Bruce next to the shiny chainsaw and gun (kinda look like bunny ears). I might be crazy though.

9. Fan Art Poster – Evil Dead

Pretty nifty art that looks to be maybe vectored images from the film. Whatever it is, I dig this collage.

8. French Alternate – Evil Dead

Whoa! This one is pretty nice and would certainly look good hanging up anywhere. And since it’s French it makes it classy.

7. British – Evil Dead 2

This one glows in the dark and was made for a special screening in a theater across the pond. Not sure if you caught that, but it GLOWS IN THE DARK. GLOWS IN THE MOTHER EFFIN’ DARK! As you can imagine, it’s eBay price reflects the rarity and awesomeness.

6. ? – Evil Dead II

Get. The. F*ck. Out. This one makes no sense, but I have to give credit to the designer for stealing things from other posters – like the background from the original Fright Night. For some odd reason I still want it. What the sh*t is going on?

5. Japanese Alternate – Evil Dead

They picked a nice screen grab for this one. But for the Japanese this is about as low key and normal as it gets.

4. Thai – Evil Dead

Pretty sweet art on this one. Another wall worthy entry. Also, I am fat (lol).

3. Thailand – Evil Dead 2

This one from Thailand is one of my favorites. It captures almost all of the great moments in the film and manages to look really sharp even without Bruce in it.

2. Brittish – Evil Dead VHS promo

Another good looking poster from our Brit friends. Love the use of the original tagline.

1. Japan – Army of Darkness

Batsh*t enough for you? Absolutely LOVE this poster. LOVE IT.  Everything from the soup cans to the grocery bag with a chainsaw and shotgun in it. This is genius on a whole another level that only Japanese dare to deliver.

Source: Poster Collective (my newest blog)

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