50 Reasons Why I Love Halloween (That have nothing to do with the sluts)

October 18, 2011 2:20 pm 2 comments
  1. Getting treats as kid
  2. Playing tricks as a teen (hello, carton of eggs)
  3. Stealing kisses from a beautiful princess while dressed like an evil vampire
  4. The crisp chill of the evening air
  5. Carving my first pumpkin
  6. Carving my first pumpkin that didn’t look like a pumpkin that belonged on the short bus
  7. Smashing my first dozen pumpkins
  8. It’s the most creative Holiday of them all. It allows for your inner artist to come alive
  9. Innocents can be devils. Devils can be Angels. We can be anything our imaginations dare to think up
  10. Mocking all things evil and turning them into punchlines, if just for one night
  11. We PAY money to be chased by chainsaw wielding psychos
  12. Hay rides
  13. Corn mazes
  14. We get to dance with death and grin back at the sardonic skulls
  15. Fog machines
  16. Using my pillow case as a candy sack
  17. Honor Bowls (hehe, yeah right)
  18. Jack Chop
  19. The unique smell of a freshly opened cheap latex mask
  20. Passing down the traditions to the next generation
  21. Driving around the neighborhoods to check out all the decorations
  22. That one guy who goes WAY overboard and turns his house into a Haunted House even though his wife is probably not cool with it
  23. Haunted Houses
  24. The thrill of the unknown
  25. Being scared, but knowing it’s all in good fun
  26. Monster themed cereals (Count Chocula, more like Count Yummy)
  27. Putting up ghoulish and scary decorations
  28. It allows us adults an opportunity to reconnect with your youth and imagination (something the cosplay peeps never forgot)
  29. Halloween is about possibility, and is held captive by its own unique sense of magic and wonder
  30. The spirit of it all
  31. Bobbing for apples (or brains)
  32. Dry ice smoke billowing out from a Witch’s cauldron
  33. Being blind-folded and reaching into a bowl of “brains” and “eyeballs”
  34. People watching: Psychoanalyzing costume choices
  35. Talking about the best costumes you saw this year
  36. Planning your costume for the following year
  37. Roasting pumpkin seeds after the carving
  38. Being able to roam the streets with my friends (not sure if kids get to do this anymore)
  39. Dimly lit Jack ‘O Lanterns shimmering through the night
  40. Scaring the living piss out of your date and knowing she can’t hate you for it
  41. Sugar. Coma.
  42. Being on a dance floor with an astronaut, Sponge Bob, the Little Mermaid, and the chick from The Exorcist
  43. Petrifying Punches, Creepy Cocktails and Shock-Inducing Shots
  44. Hiding a fake spider near someone who may have a heart attack when they see it
  45. Halloween music
  46. No church. No buying gifts. No putting up with obnoxious relatives. Just fun!
  47. Hosting my own Halloween party
  48. Telling someone that their costume, decorations, etc are amazing – and meaning it
  49. The Simpsons Tree House of Horror
  50. Horror Movies (and their accompanying marathons)



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  • http://toxicpunkette.blogfree.net/ Iori

    since when has gory fun have been replaced to slutty. i miss old fashion horror movies with good story lines.

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