Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is a film that is best watched as drunk and as high as Richard Pryor in the ’80s. That’s more of a requirement than a suggestion by the way. Troma’s latest film is every bit as juvenile and trashy as you’d expect from Lloyd Kaufman and crew. Let’s be honest, any film that features an inordinate amount of syrup related jokes and bared breasts isn’t going to be for everyone. That said, Father’s Day is Troma’s best movie in AGES.

The film begins with a late night TV intro that harkens back to the glory days of sleazy television and sets the mood for this new wave exploitation flick. A sadistic father f*cker named Fuchman (pronounced Fuckman, naturally) is galloping about town raping and murdering all the fathers he can get his fat grubby penis inside of. A young priest (a Father if you will) is sent on a mission to track down a one-eyed bad ass ,who lives a secluded life as a Pine Tree syrup harvester, and recruit him for help. Ya know, just like in Seven Samurai. This mysterious bad mamma jamma is Ahab. His father was also Fuchman’d to death long ago and he is ripe to exact revenge. Also along for the revenge ride is Ahab’s stripper sister, Chelsea and a Twink (a young gay without body hair) whose name is Twink.

The immediate and obvious comparison is to last year’s grind house exploitation hit Hobo With A Shotgun. Without a doubt, Hobo is a better all around film. FD seemed intent to stay childish and tell the kinda jokes and story that 15-year-old boys find hilarious (or really high and drunk people). Don’t try to take this film syrupsly. Seriously.

Where the film excels and makes up for most of its shortcomings is in the deaths. There’s some cringe-worthy stuff (the sign of a good exploitation flick) that will make the even the hardest mother…errr…father f*ckers squirm. This includes a particularly interesting chainsaw death that is best seen to be believed (not unlike Hatchet 2′s magnum opus to the chainsaw death). There’s plenty of fat man raping other men too. You know, the kind of revolting disgusting thing that you only expect to see in a crack den in Eastern Europe.

Also, Boobs. Lot and lots of beautiful bouncy boobs.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great special effects work during the third act. Some fantastic usage of miniatures, stop-motion and matte paintings (I think) elevate the entire film into a level that was completely unexpected and totally awesome. I truly wish the entire film would have taken place in that world. Kudos to visual effects guys.

Father’s Day gritty, gross, cheap and disturbing and one of the most tasteless pieces of cinema I have seen in a long time. There is not a single redeeming quality about this film. So, pretty much exactly what you want in an exploitation flick. As for me, I still prefer Hobos over Fathers.


IMDB 2011

Rating: 5/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ



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  • fdayfan

    you’re stupid

  • Mrbinx

    Redeeming qualities:

    -The violence/gore is better than Hobo with a Shotgun.  -There are far more (and more beautiful) naked ladies in Father’s Day.
    -The jokes in Father’s Day are not only funnier than those in Hobo, they are LESS CHILDISH.-Hobo is far more mean spirited, and amateur (excluding The Great Rutger Hauer.)-There are old school monster FX in Father’s Day!-Father’s Day goes balls-out-insane where Hobo remains in safe, well-worn territory.

  • http://www.365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    Maybe I was unclear. Having no redeeming qualities is a positive for an exploitation flick. I said similar things about Hobo. 

    The monster effects / hell world in the third act, like I mentioned, are awesome and the true selling point of this flick. It was a nice surprise – especially from a Troma flick and a big reason why I think this is one of Troma’s best.

    As for the jokes, I could not disagree more. They are flat out AWFUL in Father’s Day in comparison to Hobo. I had the unfortunate pleasure of being sober since I didn’t plan ahead for my theater viewing. Which, admittedly, means I was not in the right state of mind (hence my suggestion to get wasted), but even if I was I would have still cringed through most of the amateurish dialogue and “jokes.”

    Also, I’m not sure how a movie with a Pedo-Santa, Samurai Robot machines, and a flame-throwing murder of bus-load children is considered within the “safe, well-worn territory.”