Killer Vehicle Week

Killer Vehicle Week

It’s killer vehicle week at Starting today and running for the next 10 days (its a long week) all the reviews will be dedicated to those devilish killer vehicle films. At the end I will compile the results and determine the best killer vehicle movie. If I missed your […]

Week 7 Schedule

The Brainiac is simply genius and is the best surprise of this experiment so far. What I haven’t come across yet is a movie that is surprisingly scary. I’m sure it will happen soon. This week will be another grab bag including a film from my one of my favorite studios (The […]

Week 6 Schedule

After a mixed bag last week it’s time for a “Werewolves from the 60′s and 70′s Week”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I am going to be able to get more than 5 werewolf flicks from that era so that’s all we get for now. Werewolves on Wheels The Fury […]

Week 5 Schedule

28 Reviews down – just a few hundred more to go. One lesser Gordon pick to start the week off and then a grab bag of films featuring some random crap to a Cronenberg classic. Stuck Mega Piranha – Almost forgot this is released on 4/10/10 Cat People (1982) Scanners […]

Week Four Schedule

One more 3-D film to finish up the 3-D week and then onto a major masterpiece of horror cinema by one of the great directors and some other films he directed. I proudly present “Mostly Stuart Gordon Week” in association with extreme amounts of gratuitous gore, nudity, and guts. The Creeps […]