Stuck in a room and forced to watch this movie was my fate today. This descent into the ridiculous reminds me of an important issue facing the world – Stupid Bitch Syndrome. SBS is can most commonly be associated with acts of incredible stupidity, irrational behavior, and self-absorption on level […]

Week 5 Schedule

28 Reviews down – just a few hundred more to go. One lesser Gordon pick to start the week off and then a grab bag of films featuring some random crap to a Cronenberg classic. Stuck Mega Piranha – Almost forgot this is released on 4/10/10 Cat People (1982) Scanners […]

Week Four Schedule

One more 3-D film to finish up the 3-D week and then onto a major masterpiece of horror cinema by one of the great directors and some other films he directed. I proudly present “Mostly Stuart Gordon Week” in association with extreme amounts of¬†gratuitous gore, nudity, and guts. The Creeps […]